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Tales of the Emerald Coast #3, Page 1

April 11th, 2011 by

First pages are always the most difficult thing to write, especially when you have a large story with many characters. The starting point you choose can determine the entire tone of the story that follows it. Originally I had conceived starting with other characters in the story instead of Blaze, but in the end, the concept for Alone seemed to work best as a personal story.

You can catch the page here.

Tomorrow, Knux Redux!

States of ECC

March 22nd, 2011 by

State of ECC

It’s always difficult for a new website to get off the ground. Contributors are typically either disinterested or too busy, and turnover of new staffers is often high. ECC has had its share of huge turnover, but at its core it has always had a team of reliable people to keep the content flowing. This year that team, alongside new and fresh talent, will be doing its best to bring out great fan works in honor of the blue blur’s big Two-O.

ECC is going through some big changes this year. The first thing you may have already noticed is our switch from single issue releases to daily single page releases. This will allow us to bring you comic pages as their finished, and give you a constant reason to check us out! Numerous problems have caused something of a hiatus on the update front, but I am happy to say that this is about to change, with the launch of the next issue of Tales from the Emerald Coast today.

ECC will also be going through a full design revamp. Our awesome site designer Shadi has combined his talents with had artist JetstreamX to bring you one of the best looking site designs I have ever seen, at least for a Sonic site. You are in for a real treat when it finally launches. With the new site design also comes a brand new logo, which you can see on the cover of issue 3 of Tales.

In addition to the revamp, we’re also sponsoring the upcoming Sonic event of the decade, Summer of Sonic 2011. Not only have we donated money to the event to ensure certain awesome people (whom I am not allowed to name at the moment)  can make it to mingle with the fanbase, but ECC may also have a table at the event if things pan out! We’ll hopefully be able to announce a confirmation at a later date.

So, we’ve got a design revamp in the pipe and we’re sponsoring an event…but what about comics? Well, Sonic Eggs #3 is already in its early stages of production. Tales #4, the next entry in the Tales of the Great War mini series, has a substantial number of pages penciled. Sonic Pulse #3 is in coloring. Knux Redux and MEC are going through inking and coloring. This leaves Tales of the Emerald Coast #3, “Alone”. I’d like to talk about it for a minute.

Alone is a story that I have long had in my head, centering around Blaze the Cat from the Sonic Rush series. Out of all the new Sonic characters introduced over the years, Blaze is the only one that really grabbed me as one that I’d really like to see more of. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever written, and it’s easily the darkest – though still kid friendly – Sonic story I’ve ever written. Jet’s pencils, inks, colors, and letters will be gracing every single page of this comic, so I hope you enjoy it! You can see the cover and introduction here. From here on the comic will have a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday release schedule.

ECC is still a site that is struggling to become bigger. We want to be what SonicVerseTeam was in it’s heyday: a hub of fan creativity, a place where artists and writers come together to bring all sorts of comics into the fandom. We’re not just looking for artists and writers anymore, though: we’re looking for critics and fans. You guys who are reading this right now, we want you to comment on our stuff, whether it’s compliments or complaints, we hunger for both. We’d like you guys to spread our comics to whatever Sonic site you frequent, and try to makes this site bigger then it is now.
Here’s to another year of comics from ECC. You can find Tales #3 here.