I made update!

August 24th, 2009 by

Thanks to Shadikat, I AM NOW AN UPDATER OF COMICS! As you can see, a new staffer is now UP, all thanks to me, NUCKLES87!


In any case, a few things about this staffer arc.

This staffer is was drawn and inked by Sebastian, whom has a considerably larger and grander project being unveiled in a few days. It was written and lettered by Shigomado, the Sonic Eggs writer. AND UPLOADED BY ME! MWAHAHA!

This is the third entry in what we are calling the “New Digs” arc. Dashfox and Jet want to establish a specific home where these characters live and do things. This is a fun little arc put together by Shigsy and Dash, which will be introducing the ECC avatar of ECC’s first homosexual member, Shadikat.

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