Sonic Pulse Updated!

February 15th, 2011 by

No surprise for you guys, I hope. Like every page in this comic, it was drawn and inked by head artist JetstreamX. It’s colored by ECC’s resident Brit Shadow Prime.

By now, you guys should have a good indication of where I’m going with Rob and Fiona. They are not villains, as some have surmised, but in fact freedom fighters. I was  a bit surprised to hear people think they where villains, but I guess the whole “bank robbing” thing was going to make them look that way, at least for a bit.

As you can also see, my lame attempts at emulating Archie Rob’s “olde english” way of speaking have been put to rest. Yay! All in all I was never very happy with the writing in this page, but the stellar lines and coloring hopefully make up for it, eh?



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