The infamous Pink Sweater finally debuts!

October 30th, 2010 by

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Well, after having that dang pink sweater on the cover of the first issue, I finally managed to get it into the book!! Too bad it’s on a page with more melodrama than humor.

The main reason I did Knuckles speech here is that I always wondered why he still had contempt for Sonic even though he found out Dr. Eggman duped him several times and Sonic was always trying to befriend him. Envy was the best reason I could think of. Sonic has buddy’s surrounding him that he pushes away so he can run off on his own while Knuckles has no one and lives a lonely life of solitude. He’s gonna have some character exploration in issue 3.

As far as “Aunt Nilly” goes, I always though of Amy as kind of a foster sister to Cream and part of their family ever since they were begging her to stay with them at the end of season 2. Looks like Ian feels the same way if the current STH comics are anything to go by. Besides, Vanilla needs to fill a role in the Sonicdom, and I figure her as a mother hen to the group fits best.

Special thanks to Jet and Q for this page.

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