The Countdown is here!!

January 25th, 2010 by

Today starts the big event of the week……..

Look familiar?

Each day I will be taking off a name of who will be in this Saturday’s Sonic Eggs comic. Also, each day, I will be adding a Trivia question about Sonic Eggs that you can’t know the answer to cuz I haven’t answered it in the strips yet!! Each correct answer will get you closer to the real star of page 25.

Isn’t this exciting?!!…..Just Pretend anyway.

TRIVIA QUESTION FOR 1/25: What is Vanilla and Creams last name?
a.) Pudding
b.) Filling
c.) Cake
d.) Steinberg

See you tomorrow!

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  • Fluffy


  • S-C-G

    WTF “Sombrero Pikachu”

  • Fluffy

    Lol, don’t ask me, ask Shigs… infact I will get shigs in here… hold on.

  • Shigamado

    What’s up?

  • Shigamado

    I’m basically poking fun at Sega’s countdown from two weeks ago.

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