Sonic Eggs Coloring Contest

November 8th, 2009 by

straight from the mouth of Shigs, just quoting him since he didn’t post on the front page

Snax learned the hard way that when I say I want it right now, I mean it! XD

However, this means that the comic is not 100% done..yet! That’s where you come in. In the creative corner of our forums, we have a thread for a coloring contest. Winner gets his colors published into our Sonic Eggs archives and if it’s good enough, a position as a colorist here at Emerald Coast comics! (Note: It pays nothing.)

Entrys must be turned in by ooohh, (looks at calendar) Nov. 20. Voting will take place by our staff that weekend, and The winner will be announced Nov 23.

So join our forums, turn in your entry and have fun!

P.S. Please show the sun setting or it getting darker in the background as the next page takes place at night.

Here’s the strip..

Other good news, page 20 is ready for next week!

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