Sonic Eggs Character Profile: Vanilla (Cream’s Mom)

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Sorry folks!! The first Yardley page will be up as soon as Ben Hunzeker sends me the colors. In the meantime, enjoy this little character study. I put some upcoming Yardley art in it!


If there’s one character who’s barely been touched upon in the Sega Sonic/Sonic X cannon, it’s Creams mom.

There is barely any info on her character. It wasn’t until her first appearance in Sonic X that we even knew of her name. The only new info now is that her name is Vanilla (a food pun just like her daughter and pet Chao) and she’s 28 years old. That’s pretty much it. As a fanwriter, I like that! It gives me plenty of room to build upon her character and interpret what she’s really like.

So, what is she really like? Why don’t we ask her herself?! Today, I decided to interview Vanilla to get more insight into her.

S.E. – Thank you Vanilla for taking some time off to talk to us.

Vanilla – You’re welcome but please, call me Miss Filling. We are not familiar enough for a first name basis.

S.E. – Oh! Is that your last name?

Vanilla – Yes. It was my late husbands last name. Bless his soul. Also, please sit up. You’re slouching.

S.E. – Oh. Erm…sorry. So, your a widow?

Vanilla – Correct. My poor, poor Tapioca.

S.E. – I’m sorry I brought that up. What was your maiden name?

Vanilla – Pudding.

S.E. – Ha-ha!! Well, that expl-

Vanilla – Excuse me sir, but what is so funny?!

S.E. – Well, it’s your family names. Vanilla Filling. Cream Filling. Cheese Filling. Even Cream Cheese Filling. It’s all food puns!

Vanilla – My word! I never thought of that!! You think I would have. Food puns hmmm? I guess that would explain why Vector drools whenever he sees me. We are on opposite ends of the food chain.

S.E. – Speaking of, there seems to be an attraction between you two.

Vanilla – Listen my good sir! I’ll have you know we are just friends. I’ll give him and Espio some baked food once and awhile and hire him as an escort, but that’s it!

S.E. – Oh. Well, sorry I didn’t mean to off-

Vanilla – I mean he’s a very nice person who tries hard to do good, but he’s poor, a slob and has very lousy manners.

S.E. – Wel,, I-

Vanilla – I mean sure, he’s very sensitive. He’s got a nice smile. Very broad shoulders.

S.E. – Miss Filli-

Vanilla – And that smooth reptilian skin you can just glide your fingers acr-

S.E. – AHEM!! Miss Filling?

Vanilla – Oh!! Sorry.

S.E. – That’s fine. I noticed you and your daughter seem very mannerly. Is manners very important to you?

Vanilla – They are of the utmost importance!! Without manners our culture might as well be in the stone age! It’s a good thing I came along to the Thorndykes residence when I did. They were very uncouth.

S.E. – How so?

Vanilla – Did you know they used a soup spoon for scooping cereal?!! It was like the dark ages!

S.E. – Did you have any conflicts among the staff?

Vanilla – Oh no. We have gotten along very well. Except…

S.E. – “Except?”

Vanilla – Please do not interrupt sir! It’s rude. I meant Except Ella. She does not like me much.

S.E. – And why is that?

Vanilla – Jealousy. She felt I had taken over her kitchen. I was just helping her become a better cook. I’d constantly look over her shoulder and tell her what she was doing wrong. She was not very appreciative, but it’s not my fault if she’s a poor cook.

S.E. – Well, having someone loom over your shoulder can be very annoying.

Vanilla – Well, it’s not just that. When I was gone, she became a den mother to my daughter and her friends. Back home, that tends to be my role.

S.E. – Back on your planet?

Vanilla – Yes. Amy and Tails will often call me “Aunt Nilly”. Whenever they come over, I’ll always cook for them. Amy comes around often. She’s been a wonderful big sister to Cream.

S.E. – Speaking of Cream. You seem to have raised her very well. She’s very mannerly.

Vanilla – Thank you. It was hard to raise her alone.

S.E. – Did you ever have to be tough with her?

Vanilla – My word no!! It’s not like back in my childhood. If I got out of line, my mother would use a large paddle on me. I would never do that with my child.

S.E. – That’s good to hear.

Vanilla – I use a ruler. It helps hide the welts.

S.E. – Eeesh!! Remind me not to anger you.

Vanilla – It would be wise.

Look of death

S.E. – What are your biggest pet peeves?

Vanilla – People who openly belch. Also leaning on a chair and people who put their elbows or worse, their feet upon a table. I will not stand for that.

S.E. – Well, thank you for your time. It was nice to finally get some insight on y-

Cream – Mama!! Mama!! I’m back!

Vector – Whoops!! Sorry for intrudin’ dere. Me and Espio just got back from taking Charmy and her to the fair.

Cream – I got to eat cotton candy, and see some rabbits that can’t talk back for some reason, and Charmy taught me something cool!!

Vanilla – Oh?

Cream – Yea!! I can make farting noises with my armpits!! Watch!! FERTFERTFERTFERT!!


Charmy – Uh-Oh. I’m outta here!

Vanilla – Come back here you bratty little bee!! I’ve got 12 inches of flat wood with your name on it!!

Vector – Wait!! Let me help you!!

Vanilla – Fine!! You hold him down, I’ll use the ruler!

Vector – “SNIFF!” I love when we can do things together.

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