Oh yea! We’re supposed to be a WEEKLY comic!

January 22nd, 2011 by

Sorry for no comic last week. Colors and art were done but there was a few factors delaying the page. One, Shades did not have his trademark sweater on and two, the spacing on some of the panels left for no word balloons. Thos issues have been fixed and….viola!!

Art by Jet, Letters by Q and Colors by our brand new guy, Bumbleking’s own Big Al Son. He’s gonna be a regular on here for awhile.

Next week will be on time I guarantee. Why? Let’s just say it’s been ready for a long, long while. I’ll explain next week.

  • martia

    omg sonic said all that? ahahahhaha.

  • ReebeeTheFox

    LMAO Brilliant, just brilliant xD

    The handkerchief one has gotta be the worst. I mean, what were Sega thinking!?

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