Miss Manners

August 20th, 2010 by

And the Summer of Yardley! rolls on!!

No, you’re not looking at Hunzeker’s colors here. You are looking at the very talented coloring of our own Kichigai!! If you think she’s great on colors, check out some of her artwork on the very early pages of this issue. She’ll be taking over the rest of the book after Yardley’s run is done.

Speaking of, you may notice this page is longer than the others. Thanks to my over-use of dialogue, Yardley! had to make this one page on two comic pages. I apologize for that. I’m an amateur writer myself, so I gotta work on my scripting better.

Also, thanks to Q for doing a great job on the letters.

You can find the latest page here.

As you can see from my interview last week, a bit more of Vanilla’s darker personality is coming out. Quite a few chuckles on this page, but the best is yet come. ;)

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