Explaining the digits

July 24th, 2010 by

Only 3 more pages to go before Tracy Yardley!!

I think I could’ve done a better job on this script. I mean, it’s still funny at the end but it feels off. Mainly, I wanted to get an explanation in on Shade’s human feet. (Which is actually a goof Snax made on this funny page.) While in the Archie Sonic comic, Sonic and his buds have toes, in the Segaverse and Sonic X, their feet are just toeless blobs. (Although you rarely get to see them.) I also wanted to try to explain why the males hands and feet are the only articles of clothing ever covered, but I couldn’t come up with a funny answer. At least, not one I could post here. XD

Here’s page 7 “Taboo Tootsies”

Thanks again to Jet for this art and Q for the letters. Also, make sure to discuss the latest page on our forums here.

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