Egg Whites….Now in color!! (Egg Yellows?)

February 13th, 2010 by

One of my bigger fans, Ame Musashi recently auditioned for a spot here at E.C.C. she gonna be a regular inker and colorist. I decided it was be a good idea for her to show off her talents with an Egg Whites strip. So this week, we have the first one in full color!

I always thought it was odd that the villains in SA2 helped raise and nurture the Chao just like the heroes do. It just seemed out of place. Especially Shadow. So here, Shadow gets a moment that would fit in more with Shades.

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Master Emerald Chronicles is written and a good majority of the art is done by one of my regular artists, Jet. Along with several of our other talented staff like Nux, Dash and Skat. If you liked Ken Penders Knuckles series, this comic is likely to strike a chord with you.

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