Countdown Day 4: Mary-Sue Massacre!!

January 28th, 2010 by


Those Mary-Sues are Outta here! Only four more to go!!

The last Trivia question had everyone guessing completely different answers!! But luckily, the one that got the most right was errr.. right. I’m gonna have that stupid Kissing robot in this story. Those big lips make him a perfect Mick Jagger or Steve Tyler. Although, I gotta admit, after I put down Knuckles, I realized he’d be hilarious for the story as well. Actually, they’re all pretty good choices. That’s why everyone had different answers I guess.

Trivia Question for 1/28: What is Chris’s deep dark secret?

a.) He’s secretly Ash Ketchum.
b.) He has a closet full of Mudkip merchandise
c.) He’s in a comptetition with Amy to see who can be the most clingy to Sonic.
d.) I’m not gonna tell any of you, it would ruin the fun!!

As always, you can put your answer in here

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