Countdown Day 2!

January 26th, 2010 by

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I bet you thought Mr. Needlmouse wuz gonna last hunh?

BTW, around the net, most of you got yestrdays Guess-eerrrr… answer right.I did decide that Vanilla and Creams last name should be Filling. It’s definitley unofficial, but it makes the most sense in food puns.

Trivia Question you don’t know #2!!

In an upcoming story “The origin of the Chaotix” (which I haven’t even written yet), why did Charmy Bee run away from home?

a.) He’s too lazy for a worker bee
b.) His thousands of siblings hate him and his pranks.
c.) His mother and father have so many kids, they barely know he exists.
d.) All of the above.

Don’t forget to put your answer in the forums!!

  • Jetstreamx

    Oh I can’t wait! :D

  • Fluffy

    I know right! It’s gonna be amazing.

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