Countdown: 3 for day 3

January 27th, 2010 by


3 more down today. Am I making it too obvious?

I guess I made it too easy yesterday. EVERYONE got it right. Yea. It’s all of the above. It’s a tal I would like to tell someday. I got Vector and Charmy’s origins all sorted out. Espio about half right? Oh, and I do have a hilarious idea for a story on why Mighty is no longer with them.

Trivia Question #3: The next story after I’m done with the Shades story is “Meet the Bottles”. Eggman forms a mop-top rock band with his bots and uses sublminal messages in his music to get people to adore him. When Bokkun leaves the group due to an argument, who is he replaced with?

a.) The big-lipped kissing robot.
b.) E-123 Omega
c.) Knuckles
d.) SA-55

Once again, send your answers here.

  • Jetstreamx

    While I don’t really see it happening, the thought of Omega taking Bokkun’s place is just hilarious to me. Blame Ian and his Omega Flashback off-panel.

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