A small cameo….and BIG BIG NEWS!!

December 4th, 2010 by

Today’s Comic features everyone’s favorite obscure Sonic character!…Albeit dead.

Thanks again to Jet Ame and Q. Next week, it’s all Jet (except the writing of course). After that, our team goes on a little Christmas vacation until January.

HOWEVER! It’s not without a great Christmas treat! My great, wonderful, and handsome (yes, I kiss that much butt) benefactor Nuckles87 has commissioned art for a short, 5-page Sonic Eggs Christmas story he asked me to write. The pencils, inks and even colors will be done by none other than your pal and mine, Tracy Yardley! Expect so see it before Christmas! It’s funny, sweet and even a little heartwarming. There’s no Shades, but a fan favorite makes his return. I can’t wait!!

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