“A good widdle hedgehog.”

November 13th, 2010 by

Back to the silliness.

I’m introducing EggTube in this weeks strip. I may do some separate strips showing more silly moments outside of it. Eggman’s got some good, embarrassing dirt on Sonic this time. Maybe he will give up Shades. Next week will see what happens when Vanilla and Cream get caught by the cameras.

Geez, the old Sonic X is still pretty popular! I got up early this morning and the CW had 3 episodes of it. Sega should take advantage of it and re-edit the series with the cut out scenes. Kinda like a “Sonic X Kai” They’d have to use the new cast, but I sure as heck wouldn’t mind that.

Thanks to Jet for the art, Ame for Colors and Q for letters.

Speaking of Q, check out this weeks Sonic Universe to see Q’s Archie Sonic deck! He’s really proud of it.

deck of Sonic cards

  • Squidbillybj

    I have a sonic card deck from the games, but i’d love to have one of these even more.

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