Sonic Pulse 2 Is Up!

December 27th, 2010 by

So far, every issue of Sonic Pulse has been an absolute slog to get done. Most of this issue was finished over the summer, but constant little things, like uncolored or missing pages kept slowing it down. The first two pages had to be completely redone, various pages where recolored and relettered, and as the script became older and it’s flaws more apparent, I had to constantly try to rewrite words and change or add plot points with the panels already done.

For the most part, I don’t think it’s turned out too bad. Certainly better then the first issue in every way imaginable.

Sonic Pulse also marks the third series to join ECC’s weekly line up, this time as a twice – a week comic. The next page will be on Wednesday, and from there on you can expect a Pulse page every Monday and Wednesday for the foreseeable future. I do hope you like what we have in store!

Sonic Pulse is a comic meant to be set in the game continuity. It adapts elements from the Archie verse into the game canon, and fills in time and plotholes between the various games. The current storyline takes place between Sonic CD and Sonic 3. This means we’ll be seeing some classic badniks, some classic character designs, as well as various other things from the old games! Of course, it also has aspects from the new games, such as the city of Spagonia, and also brings in things from the Archie canon, such as using Swatbots as a precursor to Robotnik’s Egg Pawn ground troops.

Enough of my prattling though! Check out the comic and tell us what you think. If you wish to start from the beginning you can click the Pulse button to your left. If you want to start with issue 2, please click here!

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