I would like feedback on the site changes, please?

August 19th, 2010 by

Hey everyone. I have completed my changes to the site. It might not seem like much… but trust me.. it is. If you don’t believe me just go click one of the Sonic Egg’s updates to see an example for yourself. I worked hours on these changes. Although some of the time wasted is my fault for doing something stupid ;) Everyone makes mistakes.

I was sick of seeing Sonic Eggs take up the whole front page and wanted to give other comics on ECC time to shine. Sonic Eggs was always taking up the front page because it is what was updated most frequently.

Obviously this isn’t an ideal layout. Just an experiment I wanted to try. We have been in a slow process of working on a new layout and I just wanted to test some changes to see how they would work. I think on the brand new layout the news boxes will be at the top and obviously look more pretty, but more about that another time.

I have disabled comments from people who aren’t registered due to spambots. This means that only ECC staff can comment as of now. I am working on finding a solution that will easily let guests comment without registering while getting rid of spambots for the most part.

Anyways, that is all i have to say for now. FEEDBACK PLEASE!!!
You can give feedback in this forum topic

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