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So ECC was at SoS…

June 26th, 2011 by

You may or may not have noticed on Summer of Sonic’s website was a sponsor for Summer of Sonic. Well, we also had a little table at the event! We sat right next to Nigel Dobynn and Nigel Kitching of Sonic the Comic. We also sat on the same row of tables as Sonic the Comic Online and Archie Comic’s Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley!

It was a good event for us. We met some of our readers. We got plenty of people to read our stuff. Every single person in line for Archie and Sonic the Comic got to see our stuff. Our copy of Great War got taken mid show, Sonic Eggs was a popular read, the Eggs Christmas Special got signed by Yardley, and Tales from the Emerald Coasts’ first issue took second place in pick up readings. Shadow Prime even drew ECC’s first commission!

It really was a very interesting show for us, especially since it was all set up very last minute. I printed out copies of Great war, Sonic Eggs #1, Knux Redux, Eggs Christmas Special, and TotEC #1 the night before the show. Printed out a sign the day of. We got our space less then an hour before the show opened. Due to a lack of tape we had to attach our sign to the table with some Mario and Sonic pins we bought from (the other) Emerald Coasts vending table.

We got some good feedback from our comics, and met an artist whom we quickly became chummy with. He’s quite talented and we offered him a position here. We hope to hear from you soon, man! Shadow Prime, ECC’s only Brit, showed up and helped us man the table, and as I mentioned earlier did his first commission for someone at our table impressed with his pencils. After show showed up he made up a couple signs for us, asking people to read and visit out website, and a picture with a very cute looking version of  Sonic Eggs’ Shads the Sissy Hog.
We got some picture and more, which we’ll be posting up later. For now, just enjoy this new page of Alone!

Alone #6

Alone Updated

June 20th, 2011 by

Continuing our updates with another page of “Alone”.

Page 5.

Explore Blaze’s Past in Alone…

June 16th, 2011 by

Updates continue.

Now we slowly begin to get into the meat of the story.

Alone Page 4

Alone Updated

June 15th, 2011 by

Story is sloooow right now. But it picks up. Trust me on that.

Alone Page #3

Times are Changing

June 14th, 2011 by

Any new endeavor can take years to find it’s footing. ECC is still very much in this position. We’ve switched bosses, start and abandoned projects, tested different release schedules. As you can tell, we still haven’t figured out a winning formula.

We are getting there though, I hope. Thomas Selinka, the writer of Great War, has taken up position as second in command, and we’ll be heading up updates some point in the future.

Our goal is to bring more steady updates, and to get our name out there.

We’re alive. We’re working. Expect more updates very soon, very regularly. Also expect our work to be appearing on TSS in the near future.

Alone Page #2