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Final Yardley!! Knuckles does it again!

September 18th, 2010 by

The final page of Tracy Yardley’s contribution to Sonic Eggs has arrived. I hate to see it go. It’s been a blast. But at least we go out with what’s probably the funniest page yet!!

Click here for some funny Knux/Shadow fanservice. XD

Oh that Knux. So easily fooled. This is gonna haunt him.

Big thanks to Tracy Yardley, Jamie and Q for their contribution.

But don’t go away now!! Cuz the funniest stuff in this issue hasn’t even begun!! Stay tuned for “Eggtube” Eggman has some embarrassing videos of Sonic and crew to share with the world. How will Sonic counteract it? Keep watching!

Also, check back this weekend for a contest announcement. Win some of Tracy Yardley’s original art pages!! Details very soon.

Playing God and Playing Favorites

September 10th, 2010 by

Only one more Tracy Yardley page to go after this!!

I can’t believe it’s almost over. It’s been so much fun posting these pages and seeing your reactions. (On TSS and Bumbleking anyway. Seriously, no one uses this site.)

You can find the latest page here!!

I love dissing Chris whenever I can.

Q is doing letters as always, but this time we got our latest talent Jamie on the colors! She auditioned about three weeks ago, and her audition post was so good, we picked her up immediately. Jamie will be coloring page 15 as well. Sorry Ben Hunzeker fans. I just can’t afford it.

I’d tell you to jump to our forum to leave a comment. But I know you won’t. “SIGH!”

Is the guilt trip working?

A New Low in Sissy-ness.

September 4th, 2010 by

Another Hunzeker/Yardley page!!

Originally, me and Nuckles87 were gonna go halfsies on one page to commission Tracy Yardley to do. When deciding what page that would be, THIS was the page we had in mind. I mean, C’mon! How could I not resist that page!!

Page can be found here.

Thanks again to Tracy Yardley, Ben Hunzeker and Q for all of their support.

If you think this is the funniest page? Wait until you see #15!