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Bunk Buddies

July 31st, 2010 by

Page 8 is here!! Just two more pages to go!!

I seriously can’t wait to start showing you guys the Yardley stuff. It’s great!!

In the meantime, here’s page 8.

Thanks again to Jet for the art and Q for the letters.

Explaining the digits

July 24th, 2010 by

Only 3 more pages to go before Tracy Yardley!!

I think I could’ve done a better job on this script. I mean, it’s still funny at the end but it feels off. Mainly, I wanted to get an explanation in on Shade’s human feet. (Which is actually a goof Snax made on this funny page.) While in the Archie Sonic comic, Sonic and his buds have toes, in the Segaverse and Sonic X, their feet are just toeless blobs. (Although you rarely get to see them.) I also wanted to try to explain why the males hands and feet are the only articles of clothing ever covered, but I couldn’t come up with a funny answer. At least, not one I could post here. XD

Here’s page 7 “Taboo Tootsies”

Thanks again to Jet for this art and Q for the letters. Also, make sure to discuss the latest page on our forums here.


July 18th, 2010 by

Yea. The comic was a little late again. You know who’s fault it was this time?!! That stupid, idiotic, moronic……ME! Somehow between my work at Wal-Mart and preparing for comic-con, I totally forgot I have a flippin’ comic to post!! GAH!!

Here you go.

Special thanks go to Jet who’s working on like, 5,000 comics at the same time. He’s a drawing dynamo. Also, thanks to our resident letterer Q.

Only about 3 more weeks until the start of “Summer of Yardley.” Tracy’s finishing the final two pages and Hunzeker is coloring as we speak. It’s gonna be great. This week I’m really excited as I’m going to San Diego Comic-Con!! See you next Saturday!!

The page that would not live, finally lives!!!

July 10th, 2010 by

It took forever to get here and went through two artists in the process, but page 5 finally lives!! It’s not a gut-buster and I wanted the trasition from Eggman screaming to the close-up of Shades mouth to go better, but oh-well. Big thanks to Jet for filling in at the last minute. He’ll be taking over the reigns on the art until we get to the “Summer of Yardley” in August. Thanks also to Q for the letters as usual and a special shout out to our newest colorist, Desert Requiem!

Here’s page 5!!

Don’t worry about another delay next week, because outside of some tweaking on the letters, it’s ready to go!!