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A double dose of Egg Whites!

April 21st, 2010 by

While I’m waiting for my artists to finish with the cover and first page of Sonic Eggs issue 2, we got two new Egg Whites for you!! One is brand new, while the other I’ve been holding onto for awhile and you may have seen elsewhere.

Our first one is “Unidentified Flying Rabbit” and is done by our newest, awesome artist Kichi!! It’s another cutesy Blaze and Cream comic, but this one’s funnier than the last.

The other one we were planning to send to Archie’s fan funnies, but with Lien-Da’s recent injuries, wouldn’t have been too cannon. That, and I think we had too many folks on this one. Me, Jet, Q and Shadowprime. Makes it hard to get in on a quarter page that Archie usually gives you.

Anyways, here’s “Getting a head in the game”.

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Want an ECC Sig?

April 16th, 2010 by

Hey guys. Ever wanted an ECC sig for your forum browsing, but was always too lazy to make one? Do you want to proudly wave the flag of ECC everywhere you go and promote us at the same time? Are you just flat out sigless, like us, and want something looks good? Well, look no further, I have just created 12 amazing sigs for you to use for your foruming! Be sure to check them out, they are in our forum at the following link!


“That’s not Mud!” Slinging

April 4th, 2010 by

Our Sonic Eggs regular, Snax90, draws his first Egg Whites!

Mud? Slinging.

This is another slightly controversial one. Until you get to the bottom. The first panel is funny on it’s own. Poor Sonic is so whipped. XD

As always, you can talk about the latest strip on our forums here.

Issue Number 2 will be starting very soon!! If everything works out, I’ll have a very happy birthday come this Saturday.

IMPORTANT PS3 NEWS (video included)

April 1st, 2010 by

This is big news guys and gals who own a  PS3.  Recently, a PS3 owner lost his PSnetwork accounts due to hacking and he posted a video of how to properly deal with it if it happens to any of you other PS3 owners.

check it out!